About Us

A unique mix of game development, geology and geospatial technology and competence.

We build beautiful solutions solving complex problems for some of the most demanding customers in the world.

Our Vision

Accelerate data-driven energy transition through cross-over industry solutions utilizing vast amounts of data from current and emerging technologies and sources

Our Mission

Foster innovation, creativity and collaboration leading to improved communication and decision-making

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The Glex team has a unique combinations of skills, ranging from game development and visualization to geo-science and data-science.

Andrew McCann Portrait

Andrew McCann


Jørgen E. Napstad Portrait

Jørgen E. Napstad


Helge Milde Portrait

Helge Milde

Communications & IR

Øyvind Søvik Portrait

Øyvind Søvik

Head of Sales

Wouter Gravendeel Portrait

Wouter Gravendeel


Anna Ervik Hofseth Portrait

Anna Ervik Hofseth

Front-end developer

Anshu Kumar Portrait

Anshu Kumar

Full-stack developer

Alen Bhandari Portrait

Alen Bhandari

Unity developer

Nicolás Diel Portrait

Nicolás Diel

Unity developer

Board of Directors

Helge Milde Portrait

Helge Milde

Executive Chairman

Susanne M. Sperrevik Portrait

Susanne M. Sperrevik

Board Member

Jørgen E. Napstad Portrait

Jørgen E. Napstad

Board Member

Dina Moldestad Portrait

Dina Moldestad

Board member

Anders Gill Portrait

Anders Gill

Board member


We have a growing network of great partners and collaborators

Development & design

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Integrations & data

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Clusters and organizations

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