Portfolio & assets insight

Plug & play portfolio map designed to fit your business profile

Visualize your assets in an intuitive, interactive, customizable map with a few simple clicks. The map is designed and tailored to fit your website and business profile.

Plug-and-play implementation on any surface, ready to go with altering up-to-date public cultural data, kept up to date by the Glex data platform and API. Easily administer the application from a lightweight dashboard, so that your portfolio corresponds to the company’s balance sheet.


Don't take our word for it, try it out yourself.


Always up-to-date

Ever had problems with outdated data?

You never have to worry about that again. The Glex Energy data platform and API ensures all data stays update all the time.

We fetch and maintain data from a range of sources, both public and third party, available for you to use right out of the box.


Easily extendable

You can easily customize the map to your needs by adding your own information and datasets.

You can easily add free text, polygons, points, lines, images, videos and more through our web based administration panel, to make your map unique.


Designed for your business profile

The map comes themed in dark and light modes, but we will adjust colors, logos, form and fonts to make the map fit right into your surfaces.

You can use the map "as is", or we can create a custom design for you.


Use on any surface

The lightweight application can be added to any surface, including your website, a touch screen in the lobby, internal portals, etc.

Blow it up on the big screen, or bring it with you on your mobile. Our map works everywhere.


Why invest in a map?

In today’s business climate, transactions and developments happen at a fast pace, and data updates faster than ever before. To be in control - or even gain a competitive advantage - in these environments is a question of getting the substance from your data, fast and easy. Glex’s map-based data platform gives an immediate overview and audit of assets and progress, and let's you present this to the world.

Be visible

Showcase your portfolio to partners, stakeholders, investors, vendors and more. Any asset can be added - oil and gas assets, wind farms, infrastructure, offices, and more.

Be relevant

Make sure you show off your assets in a slick and modern way. Web and mobile native, interactive, responsive, designed for you.

Gain clarity

Make sure your entire organization stays up to date on your asset portfolio. Add as much information about your assets as you want, licensees, production numbers, work programs, free texts, etc.

Save time

Removing the need for data wrangling and keeping visualizations up to date opens up time for you to do value-creating activities.


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