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Glex Energy for Windows (x64):

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Regular Windows installer (recommended): Download Glex Energy (Windows x64) installer

Simple installer (zip archive): Download Glex Energy (Windows x64) zip archive

If you need help with the installation of Glex Energy on your machine, try reading this guide:

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Glex Energy 2.4.7

Release date: 22.03.2023

New features and new data:

Map visualization:

  • Added an option for using both fill and outline for polygon visualization.

Map selection:

  • Added functionality for selecting all objects under the cursor, through a new popup window. Useful in areas with a lot of overlapping points or polygons (E.g. Wells or inactive licenses).



  • Added slide numbers to slides in presentations.
  • Slide-activation optimization for filters: made more detailed checks for if applied settings actually has changes.
  • Added some short summaries for slide meta settings (open windows count, active filter count, layer count, etc).

Attribute Table:

  • You can now add and view prospect information in the Attribute table.

Info panels:

  • Made info panels refresh itself if it’s data has been updated from Glex (E.g. if you update the information behind a prospect).

Advanced filter:

  • Updated the look and user experience of the Advanced filter window.

User panel:

  • Clicking the user icon in the top right corner now opens the web based admin panel.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug with list of licensees in license layer settings not loading.
  • Fixed bug with broken images in Info panel attachments.
  • Fixed bug with descriptions in Info panels not loading properly (affected wells, prospects and discoveries).
  • Fixed bug with faded objects still shown when layers are turned off.
  • Fixed some search problems in the Presentation selection menu.
  • Fixed a bug where the bars in the Strat filter wouldn’t be updated after switching to another formation/group.

Glex Energy 2.4.6

Release date: 06.03.2023

New features and new data:

Witteman F&D Asset table data:

  • We have added production profiles and cash flow analysis data from Witteman E&P Consulting for NCS fields and discoveries.
  • The data can be visualized in a new window, available for fields and discoveries from the inspector or from info panel.

Business Arrangement Area data:

  • We have added BAA data from NPD, available in the data source “NCS Business Arrangement Areas”.
  • CCS licences are nested under BAA data, and will be added soon.

Attribute Table:

  • We have added a new attribute table window, where users can list and visualize data in tabular format.
  • Users can also export the content of the table to an Excel file.

Tag system:

  • We have added a new tag-system, which enables users to group objects based on tags.
  • The system is still in beta, and will be improved in upcoming releases, but is available for use and testing now.

Map coordinates ruler:

  • We have added a new kind of ruler which can display coordinates around the map. The ruler is intended for use in presentations, and when exporting images from Glex to use in reports, presentations, etc.
  • This is a different type of ruler than the Ruler widget which is used to measure distances in the map.

Shapefile export:

  • It’s now possible to export single files or a selection to a Shapefile. The export buttons are available from the Inspector window and from info panels.


More advanced filters:

  • We have turned on advanced filters for more data types, including prospects, fields and wells. More types is still to come.
  • We have added units to the attributes in the filter panel.

Quick filters:

  • Added the ability to select whether filtered objects should be shown/hidden or highlighted (Can be selected from the Preferences window).
  • Some quick filters that have now been replaced by advanced filter system have been deleted.
  • Quick filters and advanced filters will be merged for a more seamless experience in an upcoming release.

Info panels:

  • We have improved the look of the prospect and field info panels.


  • We have added several new options for the screenshot export functionality, like options for where to save the exported image(s), including the ruler, and more.

Context map:

  • You can now navigate around the map by clicking on the context map.

User preferences:

  • User preferences are now stored in the cloud.

Timestamps in data sources:

  • We have added a timestamp for when the data was last updated to data sources. Visible from the Data Sources modal.


  • We added a new map ruler widget, and removed the ruler from the context map widget.
  • We added multiple different styles to the north arrow widget, which can be selected from the preferences modal.

Bug fixes:

  • TOC in Well view: Fixed a but with plotting TOC in the well view.
  • Fixed a bug with polygon drawing, where it would set the first point as soon as you clicked the “start drawing button”.
  • Fixed a lot of small UI bugs.

Glex Energy 2.4.5

Release date: 06.12.2022

New features and new data:

TGS FMB integration

  • We have added an integration with TGS Facies Map Browser API, where licensors of FMB can fetch and visualize lithostratigraphy, sequence stratigraphy, sequences, environments, facies, and more.
  • The FMB data can be viewed alongside other welldata in Glex, like the NPD cores and core photos, or cuttings, composite logs and porosity and permeability data from Diskos.
  • The FMB stratigraphy can also be used as input when flattening on wells or using the cross plot in well view.

Porosity and permeability data

  • We have implemented a cleaned and QC’d porosity and permeability dataset from Diskos, that can be plotted in the well view.

New filter systems

  • Quick filters: Our regular filters have been renamed quick filters. These have pre set options to choose from, and are quick and easy to use.
  • Advanced filter (new): Users can now create and store their own filters using the Advanced filters window. Multiple attributes can be combined into an advanced filter. Created filters can be shared with other users. The functionality is still in beta and will be improved over the next months.
  • Stratigraphy filter (new): Users can now filter on wells using a stratigraphy filter.

Image export functionality

  • We have added new functionality to export images from Glex Energy. The user can select from a range of preset image sizes to export.

Various bugs and improvements:

  • Redesigned the login window and improved the general visual style of the user interface.
  • Made the UI size more dynamic, and fixed issues where the UI would get very small on high resolution screens (4k and up).
  • Improved the user experience in the Import window when importing multiple prospects at the time.
  • Added the ability to copy plot settings from one well to another in the well view.
  • Stratigraphy from different sources can be used as input when flattening wells and cross plotting data in the well view.
  • Logarithmic scaling in scatter plot.

Glex Energy 2.4.4

Release date: 12.08.2022

Bug fixes:

  • Missing Info panel data for prospects fixed
  • Multiple theme color issues resolved
  • Import window UI issue fixed
  • Multiple hover color issues fixed
  • Wellbore cluster glitch fixed

Glex Energy 2.4.3

Release date: 06.06.2022

New features and new data:

  • Added support for plotting composite logs in the well-view
  • Added the ability to visualize casing and bit size in the well-view
  • Diskos database are available for the users with Diskos license:
    • Casing and Bit Size data
    • Composite Logs
    • Drilling Parameter Logs
    • T-Wells


  • Updated the look and feel of the application with two new themes (Dark and Light)
  • Updated the look of the Data Sources window, and moved the release notes to a new window, accessible through Menu → Help → Current version
  • Loading NPD cores and core photos are more efficient
  • Improved plot functionality for cores and core photos
  • Improved plot functionality for minerals, XRD and QEMSCAN
  • Added grouping, descriptions, and paragenesis for minerals
  • Added functionality for plotting by lithotype for QEMSCAN
  • General design improvements on well-view plotting
  • Added glossary to Element Ratios in well-view
  • Added connection-lost handler which let’s users know they have lost internet connection

Bug fixes:

  • Navigation menu highlighting fixed
  • Several theme bugs related to switching themes fixed
  • Fixed bugs with moving objects between layers
  • Fixed bug with missing Cuttings and InfoPanel data

Glex Energy 2.4.2

Release date: 04.02.22

New features and new data:

  • New data from Witteman E&P Consulting.
  • When you add or upload content or attachments, it is instantly shared with your entire organization.
  • Multiple new data-points can be plotted (TOC, XRF Balance, grain size by lithotype, ++).
  • QEMSCAN has multiple new input mineral and plotting possibilities: Grouped and detailed mineral and Grouped minerals by lithotype defined by data provider Rocktype.
  • Several new predefined XRF element-ratios have been added and categorized according to XRF data provider Rockwash´ ratio subdivision.
  • You can now select multiple objects in the InspectorPanel and perform batch operations on selected objects


  • We have redesigned the menu where you select data to plot in the Wellview.
  • Updated and improvements to interactive selection panels and graphs
  • Scatter-plot axes can be scaled through user input in WellView
  • Added the option to flatten on top or base of a well-top in WellView
  • Radius ruler and selection tools are back
  • New filters for Licences and Pipelines

Glex Energy 2.4.1

Release date: 14.10.21

New features and new data:

  • Added new datatypes: Onshore wind, offshore wind, power grid, deep sea minerals
  • Re-designed and enabled Tools widget: Polygon drawing now has improved user experience. Polyons is easier to edit after they have been created. Saving of polygons re-uses the Import window for saving the polygon to the cloud and adding it to a layer.
  • Added the ability to view Prospect and Application data when the user is not an admin
  • Notifications: We now have a notification system which will be used to give users updates about changes to data, permissions, news and more.
  • Changed logo and application icon to new Glex Energy logo


  • Improved UX of Share popup
  • Improved UI and UX of DataSource window
  • Limited max preview items in Import window to 20, as visualizing more was getting very heavy
  • Added basic search and sort to Layers Administation window
  • Redesigned button for deleting Cache in log-in window
  • Improved UI and UX of Inspector panel slightly. Selection in Inspector panel is now done by clicking on the icons.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with missing Stratigraphy data
  • Fixed small bug with QemScan visualization in WellView
  • Fixed bugs related to moving SubLayers between DataSources
  • Fixed bug in Searchbar causing application to hang
  • Fixed bug with Wellbore heatmap
  • Fixed bugs with Presentation window and UI
  • Fixed bug with Wellbore icons in map
  • Fixed bug when importing Prospect Excel files with hydrocarbon case set to 'O&G'
  • Fixed bug with decimals in Prospect edit window after importing Excel file

Glex Energy 2.4.0

Release date: 14.06.21

Multiple large changes across the entire application:

  • Data Access Layer: We have created a new data access layer which allows you to control who has access to content in Glex on a more granular level. There are several levels of access which can be assigned to any content; User, Organizational Unit, Role, Tenant, Public. This means that when you create a presentation, import a Prospect or upload a document, this new content will only be visible to you, and it's up to you to share it with other users within your organization (Cross-organizational permissions will be available in a later version).
  • Editable data-sources and layers: Users can now create, update and remove data-sources and layers, as well as administrating which data belongs to which data-source and layer. After you have imported a Prospect or Application Area you will have the option to assign it to either an existing data-source (given that you have the right permissions), or create a new one.
  • Data loading: We have completely redesigned the window where you load data into Glex. In the new window you can sort data-sources based on source and type, star your favourite data-sources, choose which layers to load from each data-source (f.ex. only load Exploration wells, and skip Production and Other wells), and view meta-data about the data-sources, like description, number of objects, owner, raw-files, etc.
  • New data-sources: We have added multiple new data-sources in Norway, UK and Australia.
  • Filters: We have added several new filters, and taken the first steps to allow users to create, save and share their own filters. We have also added a filter that finds all open APA acreage with an overlapping Prospect or Discovery.
  • Presentation: The presentation UI and UX has been updated.

Full changelog can be found here: