Downloads and installation

Glex Energy for Windows (x64):

You can download or run the latest version here: Download Glex Energy (Windows x64)

If you need help with the installation of Glex Energy on your machine, try reading this guide:

For problems not mentioned in the guide, please contact

Glex Energy Online:

You can access the latest version of Glex Energy online here: Open Glex Energy (Online)

Recommended browser: Google Chrome (64 bit)

Changelog Glex Energy


Release date: 12.08.2022

Bug fixes:

  • Missing Info panel data for prospects fixed
  • Multiple theme color issues resolved
  • Import window UI issue fixed
  • Multiple hover color issues fixed
  • Wellbore cluster glitch fixed


Release date: 06.06.2022

New features and new data:

  • Added support for plotting composite logs in the well-view
  • Added the ability to visualize casing and bit size in the well-view
  • Diskos database are available for the users with Diskos license:
    • Casing and Bit Size data
    • Composite Logs
    • Drilling Parameter Logs
    • T-Wells


  • Updated the look and feel of the application with two new themes (Dark and Light)
  • Updated the look of the Data Sources window, and moved the release notes to a new window, accessible through Menu → Help → Current version
  • Loading NPD cores and core photos are more efficient
  • Improved plot functionality for cores and core photos
  • Improved plot functionality for minerals, XRD and QEMSCAN
  • Added grouping, descriptions, and paragenesis for minerals
  • Added functionality for plotting by lithotype for QEMSCAN
  • General design improvements on well-view plotting
  • Added glossary to Element Ratios in well-view
  • Added connection-lost handler which let’s users know they have lost internet connection

Bug fixes:

  • Navigation menu highlighting fixed
  • Several theme bugs related to switching themes fixed
  • Fixed bugs with moving objects between layers
  • Fixed bug with missing Cuttings and InfoPanel data


Release date: 04.02.22


  • New data from Witteman E&P Consulting.
  • When you add or upload content or attachments, it is instantly shared with your entire organization.
  • Multiple new data-points can be plotted (TOC, XRF Balance, grain size by lithotype, ++).
  • QEMSCAN has multiple new input mineral and plotting possibilities: Grouped and detailed mineral and Grouped minerals by lithotype defined by data provider Rocktype.
  • Several new predefined XRF element-ratios have been added and categorized according to XRF data provider Rockwash´ ratio subdivision.
  • You can now select multiple objects in the InspectorPanel and perform batch operations on selected objects


  • We have redesigned the menu where you select data to plot in the Wellview.
  • Updated and improvements to interactive selection panels and graphs
  • Scatter-plot axes can be scaled through user input in WellView
  • Added the option to flatten on top or base of a well-top in WellView
  • Radius ruler and selection tools are back
  • New filters for Licences and Pipelines


Release date: 14.10.21


  • Added new datatypes: Onshore wind, offshore wind, power grid, deep sea minerals
  • Re-designed and enabled Tools widget: Polygon drawing now has improved user experience. Polyons is easier to edit after they have been created. Saving of polygons re-uses the Import window for saving the polygon to the cloud and adding it to a layer.
  • Added the ability to view Prospect and Application data when the user is not an admin
  • Notifications: We now have a notification system which will be used to give users updates about changes to data, permissions, news and more.
  • Changed logo and application icon to new Glex Energy logo


  • Improved UX of Share popup
  • Improved UI and UX of DataSource window
  • Limited max preview items in Import window to 20, as visualizing more was getting very heavy
  • Added basic search and sort to Layers Administation window
  • Redesigned button for deleting Cache in log-in window
  • Improved UI and UX of Inspector panel slightly. Selection in Inspector panel is now done by clicking on the icons.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with missing Stratigraphy data
  • Fixed small bug with QemScan visualization in WellView
  • Fixed bugs related to moving SubLayers between DataSources
  • Fixed bug in Searchbar causing application to hang
  • Fixed bug with Wellbore heatmap
  • Fixed bugs with Presentation window and UI
  • Fixed bug with Wellbore icons in map
  • Fixed bug when importing Prospect Excel files with hydrocarbon case set to 'O&G'
  • Fixed bug with decimals in Prospect edit window after importing Excel file

2.4.0 (Required update)

Release date: 14.06.21

Multiple large changes across the entire application:

  • Data Access Layer: We have created a new data access layer which allows you to control who has access to content in Glex on a more granular level. There are several levels of access which can be assigned to any content; User, Organizational Unit, Role, Tenant, Public. This means that when you create a presentation, import a Prospect or upload a document, this new content will only be visible to you, and it's up to you to share it with other users within your organization (Cross-organizational permissions will be available in a later version).
  • Editable data-sources and layers: Users can now create, update and remove data-sources and layers, as well as administrating which data belongs to which data-source and layer. After you have imported a Prospect or Application Area you will have the option to assign it to either an existing data-source (given that you have the right permissions), or create a new one.
  • Data loading: We have completely redesigned the window where you load data into Glex. In the new window you can sort data-sources based on source and type, star your favourite data-sources, choose which layers to load from each data-source (f.ex. only load Exploration wells, and skip Production and Other wells), and view meta-data about the data-sources, like description, number of objects, owner, raw-files, etc.
  • New data-sources: We have added multiple new data-sources in Norway, UK and Australia.
  • Filters: We have added several new filters, and taken the first steps to allow users to create, save and share their own filters. We have also added a filter that finds all open APA acreage with an overlapping Prospect or Discovery.
  • Presentation: The presentation UI and UX has been updated.