Are you ready for this year's APA round? Glex Energy has you covered!

Glex Energy provides seamless integration of public domain, third party and your own company licence, geological and prospect data.

✅ Updated NOD and Diskos public domain wells and licence data, including full licensing history
✅ Available and proposed new APA licensing areas for 2024
✅ NoD structural elements and play maps
✅ Historical relinquishment reports and prospects, cleaned-up and QC'ed for effective use
✅ Subscribed data and information from Wittemann E&P Consulting, TGS (Facies Map Browser well data) and other 3rd party providers
✅ Analysis of cuttings data from the Offshore Norge Digital Cuttings Project

All this integrated with your own prospect inventory to analyse and compare your opportunities

As your work ramps up for this year’s APA round, contact us if you want to learn more about how Glex Energy can support and streamline your workflows – see the Contact page.