Employee spotlight


Alen Bhandari

Unity developer & ML explorer

Alen started working at Glex in August this year. He has a master’s degree in applied computer science with thesis topics in the field of Machine Learning and Computer Vision (Object Detection and Tracking). He has also been working as a Unity game developer for some years.

“What I love about Glex is that I’m able to utilize both the Machine Learning experience from my masters and my Unity experience to solve the unique problems that we face every day in Glex. This means that I learn not only specific skills, but I also get an understanding of the bigger picture.

We deal with a lot of large and complex data, and we try to simplify that complexity by providing a visual collaboration tool where the user can make sense of the data with a click of a button. To make that happen we must be as innovative as possible, follow best practices, use modular frameworks, and use innovative approaches such as Machine Learning tools for interpreting the data from different perspectives.

At Glex, people are listening to you, and your ideas are always taken into consideration. The most fun part is that everyone in the team is helping you bring your ideas from the paper to reality.”

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