More premium data for the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) now available in the Glex Energy platform

Bergen 27 January 2022:

Glex has entered into a content and distribution agreement with Wittemann E&P Consulting (WEPC) to include selected datasets from WEPC’ "Norway E&P Business Development Book" as part of the Glex Energy platform. With this, subscribing users get instant access to value added and structured information in addition to Glex’ existing data in a new digital and larger context.

The “Norway E&P Business Development Book” provides structured, easy reference and material for business development and exploration teams to identify and prioritize portfolio opportunities. Specifically, the report provides structured, useful, relevant and consistent information on future exploration & appraisal wells, discovery and field activity based on public and proprietary data sources. The report updates monthly but access via Glex Energy provides more frequent updates for subscribers. Pending user take-up, Glex and WEPC may also include the NCS F&D Asset Table with forecasted production, cost, cash flows and valuations for all NCS fields and key discoveries.

Jørgen Engen Napstad, CEO of Glex, said:

“We are excited to be able to offer an even more powerful solution with contextualized data from an increasingly broader range of sources. WEPC’ "Norway E&P Business Development Book" is a reference point for those working with planning, business development or exploration on NCS. The information gives the energy companies a new dimension when data is visualized in a larger context, and our goal is that this opens up new and improved insights on the NCS.” 

Jørgen Engen Napstad points out that Glex will continue to prioritize offering more business development, subsurface and renewables data to the industry from third party suppliers. 

Anders Wittemann, CEO of Wittemann E&P Consulting, said:

“I am pleased that WEPC’ value added and structured information is now available through a platform that gives users a comprehensive overview and insights into the NCS. NCS oil & gas is a demanding and competitive industry with an abundance of information flows to be absorbed. The Glex Energy platform provides for more comprehensive and efficient access to relevant information which will enable new ideas, progress and good decisions to be made.”

About Wittemann E&P Consulting: 

Wittemann E&P Consulting (Norway) AS ("WEPC") delivers independent strategy and business development consulting services and products to Clients in the E&P sector.

WEPC combines management consulting processes, industry and petroleum engineering experience, and proprietary data and analyses to deliver solutions and answers to Clients. 

Established by Anders Wittemann in 2011 as an independent E&P consulting company, based in Norway. Anders has more than 20 years of relevant experience as petroleum engineer and management consultant including Shell and McKinsey.

About Glex:

Glex AS is a software company that develops advanced analysis and collaboration tools for anyone working on industrial energy decisions, whether exploring or producing hydrocarbons, seabed minerals or exploiting offshore wind or potential reservoirs for carbon storage. Our SaaS ‘Glex Energy’ has been in development since 2017, and is used by several paying energy companies today. The team consists of industry professionals with extensive experience and unique domain expertise, combined with data-science competence and software developers with a background in the gaming and visualisation industry.